Welcome to Ghost Project Canada.  This research project has been designed to gather all stories of supernatural and mysterious phenomena in Canada, with an eye to a geographical and statistical analysis, in order to determine the type, frequency, location and intensity of paranormal events experienced by Canadians.  Though the primary focus is on Canadian stories at present, American, UK,  and Irish stories are also welcome since this project will expand to include those countries next.

If you wish to submit a story, no matter how insignificant, please email ghostprojectcanada@gmail.com, leave it here on this site, or on our Facebook page.  Confidentiality is assured.  Be as precise as possible as to details, particularly locations, but if it is necessary to disguise identities or names of buildings etc, please identify the changes made as such.  For instance, instead of Mary Beckingswitch living at Wentworth Gardens Apartments, Halifax can be changed to be Mrs. Jones living in a high rise apartment in North End Halifax, just identify which elements have been disguised.

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Will Covid-19 finally kill off the non-reality realty ghost show?

Prior to mid March there was an overabundance of supposedly true or real ghost hunting shows, which encouraged amateurs, (not the ones on TV; regular people), to go around imitating the ridiculous antics of the supposed ‘experts’ which populated each show.  The fact that prior to their being on tv most were plumbers, cooks, truck … Continue reading Will Covid-19 finally kill off the non-reality realty ghost show?

Is Covid-19 Leading to more ghosts?

We should perhaps take this with a grain of salt since the ‘paranormal investigator’ is associated with a show called ‘Ghost Stalkers‘, and reality shows are anything but real and designed to be artificial, planned and as a form of entertainment not a source of real information about ghosts, hauntings, parapsychology, true investigations, etc. This … Continue reading Is Covid-19 Leading to more ghosts?

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