Our Mission (updated)

Welcome to Ghost Project Canada. This project is a multi-year effort to collect and analyze all supernatural events in Canada statistically and geographically. Questions pertaining to clusters of events; locations; timing; weather; cultures; time of day and year; belief systems; and effects of media, as well as other factors will be investigated and the results made public. The final report(s) will be submitted to the appropriate provincial and federal archives for use by future folklorists, social scientists and independent researchers. It should be noted that Canada is just first in this process. Next will be the United States and then the UK, with Europe following in good time. Collection and collating of stories, myths, folklore, urban legends and beliefs in these countries has already begun. Therefore, we encourage anyone to submit their favourite story, personal experience or idea from any of these countries. We thank you for your interest and hope you will participate. Your submission will be confidential unless otherwise indicated. Multiple submissions are welcome and encouraged, either by individuals or research groups. Thank you for checking out Ghost Project Canada.

ghostprojectcanada@gmail.com  Facebook: @GhostProjectCanada     902-454-4745

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