Ghost Project Canada Mission Statement

Parapsychologists Elliott Van Dusen and Darryll Walsh, through the offices of the Centre For Parapsychological Studies in Canada, (CPSC), and the Paranormal Phenomena Research and Investigation, (PPRI), are dedicated to the collection, analysis, and distribution of all supernatural events in Canada. Geographical and well as statistical tools will be employed to determine trends, hotspots, types of phenomena, human reactions to various unusual events, and the changes over time in both the character, nature, and number of phenomena found across the varied areas of the country. (Eventually the same efforts will be applied to the US and Europe.) All results will be made available to the Federal Archives in Ottawa, all ten Provincial Archives, as well as Folklore Studies faculties in applicable universities.
Through the application of proven scientific analysis we will come to understand the nature of the supernatural in Canada, differences in both inter and intra provincial areas, and how we relate to other countries. Collection of stories will be non-judgemental since it is vital we have the most complete set of data to use for this project.
Please contribute through,, 902-782-414-4666 (Dr. Van Dusen), 902-414-9535 (Dr. Walsh) Thank you for your assistance.

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